To request catering, please visit or call 313-577-2400. 

Whether its a continental breakfast for an early morning meeting or a complete dinner reception, Wayne State Catering offers a variety of options to meet your event's needs. The Wayne State Catering office is located on the first floor of the McGregor Memorial Conference Center.

Food valued at $200 or more must be provided by WSU Catering Services.

  • Waivers to the Food Policies for food purchases over $200 can be requested through Wayne State Catering by submitting the online form
  • If an event receives an approved catering waiver a secondary approval must be issued by the campus food safety officer by one of the following three ways.
    • Automatic food safety officer approval is granted for food purchased from the following local campus vendors including Al-Basha Subs, Delite Café, Jimmy Johns and LaPita Fresh.
    • A review of the new caterer must be conducted and approved by the campus food safety officer.
    • A temporary food license must be issued by the campus food safety officer.
  • For questions regarding food waivers please contact WSU Catering at 313-577-2400.
  • Food must be served immediately upon delivery to the room and a receipt from the purchase must be kept with the food at all times.

WSU and its employees and agents are released and indemnified from any and all liability for claims or damage including injury or illness associated with the consumption of food or beverage provided for any meeting or event by the student organization, department or outside organization.

If you have questions regarding the above Food Policies please contact the Student Center Administration at 313-577-4585 or at

Waiver request for food NOT TO EXCEED $200

Waiver request for food EXCEEDING $200